First blog post

Hi Everybody-

I am Ashok Sinha. I am a Media/P.R. Consultant in Indian Film Industry, Mumbai. My experience lies in Communication- How to Communicate?

These communication need words to convey your thought, you’re planning.

But, the real communication is silent, which Life, itself, teaches you.

And when this Silence explodes inside you- What happens?

I try to share my Silence through words in my blog. These experiences are related to mundane Stress, Anxiety, Adversity, Mind Control, Success, Failure, Money, Relationship.

These experiences further deals with your Health, your Happiness.

Why Spirituality is important?

I am merely trying to indicate towards a direction where even amid heavy adversity, when absolutely all doors are closed for you, your own shadow has left you stranded, and even God is not answering your prolonged prayers, in such a situation- How through Meditation yet you can keep smiling, keeping your Good Health intact?

How Spirituality and meditation are co-related? What are the techniques of meditation?

How to control Mind, effortlessly? Mind Control is very important. How to enter into everlasting, eternal Youth?

I am not a Philosopher. I am not a guide. I am certainly not a mascot. I am merely your extension, I am merely your reflection, I am another you.

I am as old as the Mountains, and I am as fresh as a Morning Breeze. I am another you.

And on this path of a beautiful life- Let us explore together, a little more, and more, and more…  About

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