Age and You

Age and You- Inevitable, age will come. Old age, you cannot avoid. Now your worries start. What I’ll do? How I shall survive? I‘ll become weak. Who will look after me? You worry and you will grow old before it comes to you. Your question, What to do? The answer is very simple. But, you will not accept it. Simplicity does not appeal to you.

You are in a habit of performing difficult job. For example- Unless you discover the mystery of the Universe, you won’t stop. Unless you know the mystery of the Life, you shall not be happy. Unless you discover what happens after death, you cannot live your life. Your ego is satisfied and you think that you are happy. In reality- You missed The Life. The answer is very simple. Drop this ego. Live your life. Stay awakened. Listen to the silence within. Sounds interesting? Is it really possible? It is indeed possible. OK! How? 

You do not have to do anything to reach this stage. Doing is a force. And this meditation technique is effortless. Simply Stay here, stay awakened. Again, How? The answer is Meditate! Meditation opens many doors. Your next question would be- How to meditate? There are many techniques of meditation select one suiting your psyche and meditate. Meditation is the answer.

Accept the mundane life as it is. Whatever is coming to you, accept it. Do not interfere. Do not try to change these happenings by your futile effort. You cannot change it. Accept it. Stay awakened. Float with moments. Become an awakened witness of your life. Neither success nor failure, neither happiness nor sadness, nothing will affect you. Because you have accepted your life as it is, the way it is coming to you. This power comes through meditation. You must know- Who are you?

You are swimming to reach your destiny. You are making great effort to live your life, to be happy. By the time you reach your destiny, you are tired, exhausted. You fell asleep. You think you are living your life.

Life is a beautiful gift, given to you by The Almighty. Live it. Enjoy your life. God has put many hurdles on your way. God has given you this life with a trap. If you escape this trap Life is beautiful for you. To escape this trap- Just float with the moments. Stay awakened. Stay, watch whatever is happening in your life as a witness. Live life spontaneously, effortless. Float with the moments, stay awakened and, reach your destiny with vigor, in a good health. Reaching your final destiny in health is beautiful. Success does not keep me high, criticism does not pull me down, I know where I am. Reaching this stage in life is awareness. Stay unaffected. 

The moment happiness, sorrow, relief pain stops affecting you, that moment onward age will not bother you. You will become eternally young- An Ageless Wonder. But reaching this stage is not possible for you. It is simply not possible in today’s chaotic, materialistic world. Your life is a business for you. To live your life you are searching and applying a profit and loss formula. Life is a purpose, a goal to you.

Something you will achieve, and then you will start living. This is absurd. This is madness. An innocent living has become a purpose. It is a game for you. Either you win it or you lose it. 

Look at the Universe through your eyes, till now you are looking at the Universe through your mind. You are thinking that you are looking at the Universe. You are thinking that nature is beautiful. Your mind is looking at the nature, not your eyes.   Hence, look at the Universe through About your eyes and you will find that you are staying in a mad world, amid mad people. Whoever is woken up, those who are awakened, they find this place a mad house. Wake up, and start living your life through your entire being. Let your eyes look at the nature, let your nose smell the fragrance, allow your ears to listen to the birds chirping. The moment you start living, in awareness, through your entire body, permitting all parts of your body to function, for example, you are thinking that you are looking at the Universe- let your eyes look at the Universe. Do not think that you are living your life, stay aware and live your life with awareness. If you do so, mind my saying so- You will stay ageless forever. Become an ageless wonder.

Stay eternally young by doing nothing. Neither you have to say anything, nor have you to know anything. There is no question, there are no answers for you because, you have witnessed the entire Universe within you, and nothing is left outside. Do not think about your destiny before you reach there, stay in the journey while travelling. You cannot control your life. Whatever is happening with you let it happen. Stay a witness. When you become the master of your own self, when you get out from the slavery of your own mind, when the mind is in your control- The division between you and the Universe won’t exist. Deep within you are silent.

Take a dip in that sacred silence. Stay there. No movements, no effort. Keep floating. When you open your eyes you will find- Jiffy ago you have entered into eternity, keeping your youth intact. You have become- An Ageless Wonder.  


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