God and You

God is here. The Universe is here. Life is here. your existence is here. Wind is blowing here. You are somewhere else in your future- searching your God?

You do not have to search for a God. You do not have to know about your God. Knowing is false. Witnessing is real.

Stay here, cast a deep glance within- become a witness in seeing the divine light within you…

The only taboo between God and You is ‘You’.

To understand. This ’and’ between God and You has to go. Then only a sacred, holy communication between God and You will start. A real Prayer will start. Then only, your Prayer will be answered.

And to reach this cosmic, this sublime truth, there is only one way- Forget everything which you are taught till now. Forget your religion. Forget your Priest. Forget your history. Forget yourself.

You have to be broken, dismantled completely. When you reach a point where you become a zero, when you are left with nothing, when you are left alone, only with you.

In that situation of nothingness, in that stage of complete silence, you can see a divine light inside you. In that sacred light perform a deep meditation.

Stay awakened and accept Life as it is. Do not leave anything outside. Good-bad, right-wrong, holy-sin, accept everything. When you feel nothing is left outside, good-bad, right-wrong, holy-sin, everything you have accumulated in your existence.

And when you are empty, absolutely nothing is left outside- Drop God.

Forget God completely which is conditioned in your mind by your religion since your birth. Forget this God. This is not real.

The moment you drop God from your entire being then, in that glorious sacred moment The real God will enter in you.

Remember, you have accumulated everything in you, absolutely nothing you have left outside. Because, there is nothing to be included, you have achieved everything, there is nothing left to be achieved, in that situation, you become empty.

Here, keep one thing in mind. I am not asking you to keep away anything by force to reach this stage of emptiness.

Because, if you try to resist and keep away negative forces outside, if you try to control, these so called negative forces through various methods, to reach the stage of emptiness, all these forces for the time being will go away and again they will come back to you.

This stage does not come through insistence, through resistance. This stage cannot be reached through controlling your natural instincts, considering it negative or bad.

There is no other path, there is only one way- Indulge.

Stay awakened, stay alert, stay a witness and then indulge.  Accept your life as a whole, including good and bad, beautiful and ugly, plus and minus everything.

You do not decide, do not allow your society, your religion, your University to decide for you, what is wrong and what is right!

Allow the nature to play with you. Play with the nature. Stay inquisitive. Stay a witness, whatsoever is happening in your life.

Indulge in these happenings without any fear of right and wrong. If blasphemy is coming to you, accept it without bothering about it.

You will be surprised to know that what your Society, your Priests, consider a blasphemy, it will turn out to be a true prayer for you.

Because this is coming to you through Nature, through God.

Untouched from your mundane chaos, accept your life as it is, the way it is coming to you. When you have accepted life as it is staying awakened, then these all negative-positive, good-bad, holy-unholy forces will merge with you; like Alchemy.

And when you turn into a pure gold- This is the stage of knowing the absolute Truth.

Stay awakened, stay aware, stay a witness and then indulge.

Perform your duty. Accept all, witnessing everything, amid negative and positive, wrong and the right forces.

Whatever way, whatever form existence is touching you, accept it. It might be wrong for others. To you this is natural, this is pure.

Do not try to change it for others. Accept the divine touch as it. The real God will appear.

There won’t be any division left. You will become like a circle. There is no beginning, there is no end. All are same. In that unique stage of Oneness- God will enter into you.

This ‘and’ between God and You will disappear, will merge with you. What will be left with you is, only ‘You’.

You can hear within a silent joyful cry of you- “AHAM BRAHMASMI- I AM THE INFINITE REALITY”. This is the Stage of Nirvana.


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