Freedom, Independence, and You

A very deep, sonorous voice is singing a song within you. This song is very melodious. This song has a divine touch. This music, this song has no words. This is the song of the Silence.

Your life has music, a rhythm in it. You are not aware of this. Certainly ignorance is not bliss here.  

There is so much noise inside you. There is so much self created chaos inside you.

This is your voice. You are singing a song within. You are not aware of it that this is your voice? You are singing a song within and you are not aware of this. This is madness

You are the root cause of your madness. Since your very early childhood, your society, your education, conditions your mind with false reality of your religion.

You wish Freedom. You wish Independence. To achieve this, you start your pilgrimage, along with your conditioned mind.

You have divided yourself in two parts. Your existence is here. And, your mind is in your future.

Search for your Freedom; search for your Independence takes you in your future. You are not listening to your own song because, you are singing here.

Your other part is in your future thinking, planning, searching the ways to be free. You start searching in holy books- How to become free?

And the result is- you, yourself, singing a song and you are not listening to it, you are not aware of it because, you are roaming in your future, thinking, planning-How to Get Freedom, How to be Independent?

Your Guru, Your Mahatmas further suggests you- ‘Leave this materialistic life, leave your family, go to a Mountain, pray to God and search for peace. And one day you will be liberated’.

You are in tune with The Universe all the time. Whatever is happening outside, in The Universe, the same is happening inside you. You are The Universe!

To realize this, to listen to your own song, to feel The Universe in you, stay here and first be free from all mundane bondage. 

Again, here you are. Words are less hence, sometimes it is dangerous to say something. You will understand it in a different way.

Anyway, to be free from all your mundane bondage stay here. For God’s sake, do not go anywhere, do not abandon anything, and do not leave your family.

To be free and to achieve the freedom, to become an Independent, you do not have to renounce anything. On the contrary, stay awakened, stay here, stay now, accept everything, whatsoever your life is bringing to you.

Do not run away from life. Accept Life, as it is.   Freedom, Independence can be achieved performing your mundane duty. Be with your family, taking care of your responsibility; in awareness, in an awakened state.

Freedom is a must. Independence is a must. Both are same. Without freedom, you cannot talk to you, you cannot sing. And if you do not talk to you, if you do not sing a song- How will you stay in tune with you?

If you are not in tune with you then your entire system will stay out of tune. Your life will become ugly. And, this is what has happened to you.

Thinking that you are living a happy life you never realized this- actually you are living an ugly life. You are living a dead life. Because, you are thinking you are living a happy life. Your mind is happy, not you.  

And, this is what has happened to you. That’s why there is so much unrest around you. All of you are fighting, killing each other, just to prove your supremacy over another.

You want freedom; you want to be independent- Freedom from what? Independence why? 

You want freedom stress. You want freedom from mundane chaos. You want to lead a stress free life. How?

First, understand your life. First, understand you. First, understand Freedom. First, understand Independence. To understand Life- Meditate. Meditation will help you. Meditation is important.

Allow life to move with a full swing with you. Live a fearless life. No fear of right and wrong, no bondage of morality and immorality. Whatever difficulties, happiness, sorrow coming to you, accept it.

Yes, since you are a part of the society; do not do anything illegal. 

You can never find, you can never differentiate between right and wrong. There has to be different yardstick. What is right for you might be wrong for others. so, looking at the surroundings, staying alert, perform your duty in a fearless way. 

The God has created everything. Nothing is there which stays untouched, there is no place left where there is no God. Possessing everything good and bad, beautiful and ugly, God is beautiful.  

God is Fragrance- Staying among chaos, your mundane occurrence, Fragrance never its originality. Untouched, unaffected from your mundane chaos, perform your duty fearlessly in this life.   

Life is playing a melodious tune. Dance. Listen, sing a song, without or with words, without any compulsion, without any fear, no force, free, staying in tune with nature, you will become intoxicated.  

In frenzy of this cosmic intoxication you will realize- You have walked the lake without getting wet. 

You have accepted life, as it is. All boundaries are broken. There is no division. You are one. In that state of ecstasy you will feel- Freedom is yours. You are independent. 



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