Meditation, Frustration, Worry and you

Attract. Nothing should come in between- Attract. Challenge God. Adversity, adverse situation does come. Come what may, I won’t yell. I won’t scream in pain.

The moment you learn how to handle inevitable, how to accept failure as it is, how to accept stress as it is without getting affected- your journey towards eternal youth starts.

Many people grow old soon because of the stress in their life. You fail in an exam your stress makes you frustrated. You are stressed. You are not doing good in your business, you are frustrated, you are in stress. You do not have job satisfaction, you are in a stress.

There are many adverse incidents, happenings in life brings stress to you. You start worrying. Worry is dangerous, if not handled in a proper way. Worry may destroy you.

The remedy is hidden in the nature. The remedy is hidden inside you. You do not have to go anywhere in search of your remedy.

Your problem is that you are trying to change the inevitable as per your choice.

This is not possible. Results are not favoring you. You are frustrated. Your happiness depends on your result. This dependency has to go.

Your happiness is on behalf of something. It could be your social status. It could be the power you are holding. It could be anything. Your existence, your happiness is a slave of your circumstance.

This slavery has to go. How? The answer is very simple. But. this won’t attract you. Simplicity does not attract you. You are in a habit of performing some difficult job.

Unless you solve the mystery, unless the result is as per your wishes, you won’t be happy. You are always fighting with your life, with your existing. Your happiness is lying heavily on behalf of something. Unless this happens, you won’t be happy.

This ‘on behalf’ is dangerous. Frustration, Stress, these are merely an energy present inside you. Human life is beautiful. Human life is the most beautiful gift The Almighty has given to you. Human Life consists of everything- sorrow, happiness, right, wrong, success, failure everything.

The remedy is very simple- Accept life as it is the way it is coming to you, stay awakened. This awakening is very important. This awakening comes through Meditation. There are many techniques of meditation. Choose one suiting your psyche. Meditate.

Control your mind. Mind control is very important. Become strong. If you are strong then only you can control your mind. Stay healthy under any circumstance. Through meditation you can develop a power. You can control your mind. You can use frustration, stress as your plus point. These are merely energies in you.

If your mind is ruling you then these energies will become fatal. It will make you frustrated. It will put you under stress. If you are controlling your mind, then you know very well how to use frustration, how to use stress. Become the master of you.

The technique is very simple- Start living through your entire body. Let your eyes see, admire the beauty. Let your ear listen to the song which nature is singing. Smell the fragrance of the Universe through your nose.

The problem with you is- your mind is doing all these things for you. Your mind is looking at the beauty. Your mind is listening to the song of the Universe.

You are continuously thinking something, planning something. Something has to be achieved. Some goal has to be fixed. And you prepare yourself for the exam and you wait for the result. And if the result is in your favor then you will be happy. This is absurd. This is madness.

The result is not in your hand, and that is why you always wait for the result. You wait for your happiness. Life is not a purpose. Life is simply life.

You have made it a purpose to live. Naturally ‘on behalf’ will come to you. Obviously your mind will start ruling you. Meditate. Stay awakened.

Become a witness of your life. Do not control anything. Let it flow, float with your life. To achieve this power, to realize that this power is there within you, to know how to use this power, pick up any techniques of meditation and start meditating.

Meditation will open many doors for you. Frustration, anxiety, stress will become friendly, if you- Live your life as it is, in awareness.



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