Music, Meditation, and You

Listen to the vibration of the nature. What nature is saying to you. Listen to the song of sea waves.

Listening to the vibration of nature, listening to the songs of the sea waves through your ears, not through your mind–It is bliss.

Nature is continuously showering its blessings to you, stay blessed.

The Universe is filled with nice tune, a beautiful composed music. In meditation a point comes when you are completely in tune with the nature; entire nature you feel in you. That meditation, that meditating through nature is called, Music – Meditation.

This form of meditation is highly recommended. This meditation technique is unique. You do not need to be a musician. You do not have to learn music for this music meditation.

Life itself is music. Only you have to wake up, you have to open your eyes. Your soul is musical. You have to feel this, you have to listen to this. This is possible through meditation.

Though, it is not necessary to be a musician, to listen to the nature’s music but, if you learn how to play any musical instrument, it is good, rather extremely helpful in understanding nature, understanding life.

Music is within you. Your entire being is musical. Try this-

  • Meditate
  • Feel the music inside you.

Stay in that situation and, after some time, you will feel a great shaking, a great vibration inside you.

The moment you feel this great shake, for God’s sake you do not start thinking something. Do not go anywhere in your future, thinking about your future.

This shake is happening now, here within you. Stay here. When this great shake happens inside you- Become the shake, become the vibration.

This vibration is associated with the nature; you are a part of this nature. The nature is in you. In this situation of sacred frenzy, you might feel like dancing. Dance, till you fall or till you are completely exhausted.

Prepare yourself for this frenzy- keep some mattresses around you. You might fall. Don’t be afraid of falling, fall. And when you fall, it is a unique moment, do not move. Do not do anything. Relax!

When you are relaxed, listen to the nature’s music inside you.  Listen to the tune of any great composer. Compose your own music. Go on listening. Become the listening. Feel it.

Sing a song, it is not necessary to be a trained singer, just sing, whisper, and sing. Make it purposeless. No purposes. Do not set any goal for this, no goal. Simple, listen and sing.

Music Meditation is beautiful. You can perform yoga, listening to the music– Stay awake.

Listen to Bird’s Chirp. Hear through your ears. Do not think you are listening to a Bird’s Chirping.

Feel the wind. Wind is touching you. Feel the touch. Look at the sea. Listen to the waves, they are singing.

Music has no purpose. Music has no goal. Music has no boundary. Music has no language. Music has no religion.

Wind is blowing. Wind is blowing without any purpose. Wind is blowing without any religion.

Sail with the wind. Float with the wind, without any purpose. Do not do this form of meditation because you have to do this.

Do not do this because, you have to be awakened. Because, you wish to feel relaxed. It becomes a purpose, then. No do not perform this meditation for any purpose.

No purpose, no goal- simply sails along with the wind. Simply listen to nature’s music. Simply, sing a song without any purpose, without any goal.

When singing a song, become the song. When hearing the music, become the listening, stay awakened. And- Stay Blessed.

This sacred music, this sacred song is very much within you. This form of music and meditation is there existing with you. You, just have to wake up. This awakening, this wake up technique is realized through, Meditation.

This technique of meditation is supreme. This technique of meditation is complete. This technique of meditation is full of life. Through this technique of meditation, see life in you.

Misery comes. Stress, anxiety happens. Difficult time comes. A disturbed mind brings anxiety, stress. How to soothe it? Your mind is strong. How to control your mind?

Controlling one’s mind is very important. There is only way to control your mind. that is music. Music – Meditation, Music – Yoga is the answer.

Listen to the great tunes; listen to birds chirp, sing a song, listen to the wave, float with the waves- Fill your mind with the music. Fill your mind with songs. And, witness the magic. You will never remain the same again. This is awakening.





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