Fate, Destiny, Meditation and You

What is fate? What is destiny? What is meditation? To know the answer, meet with God.

Meet with God, knows your answer, and stays young forever, eternally. This meeting with the God is essential. You ‘have to’, meet God.

Here, ‘have to’ in between is important. Stay alert and, unfolds this mystery behind this ‘have to’.

Your existence is standing in-between confusion and mystery around you. ‘You have to’, solve this first.

For survival, one has to breathe, you have to survive, and you have to breathe. You simply cannot get away from this compulsion. This compulsion is important. You ‘have to’ solve this.

And to solve this, stay here in awareness. Need not to go anywhere in your future, making some plans, some tricks to unfold this mystery of ‘have to’. Wherever you are, stay there, stay here.

You go and stand by a seaside. You watch the Ocean. You look at the waves, one after another. Did you realize that- have you ever seen the ocean?

You are thinking, you are looking at the sea. Your mind sees the sea, not your eyes.

Look at the sea through your eyes and you will realize- the ocean is deep. The ocean is quite. The Ocean has embraced, accepted everything; Ocean has absorbed everything. This is the reason why Ocean is quite.

Ocean is powerful. Power absorbs everything. In adverse situations, during adversity do not run away. Do not cry. Do not lament. When everything is going against you- Stay powerful and Confront your adversity. 

Fight for your right. Whatever is yours, if it is not coming to you, fight for it. There is nothing wrong in this fight. You are being tested; your luck is not favoring you. Your fate is going against you. Catch your fate by the collar and hiss- ‘Damned, you are mine, I am not yours’.

Fight for your rights, it is yours. Do not blame your luck, your God for any unfavorable circumstance, correct it. For this- ‘you have’ to become powerful, strong.

God is with you. Fate is yours. You control your fate. Do not allow your fate to control your destiny. Yes, it is not easy. Hence, quite often you have heard people blaming either to God, or their fate for their adversity.

Your frustration is normal, nothing to worry. Prayer is sacred. You are sacred. You very act is sacred. Your mission is sacred.

The Ocean is sacred. The Ocean has absorbed everything. You are sacred. You have absorbed everything.

You have accepted God’s calamity with bowing a head. Now you deserve God’s blessings. And, to get these blessings of God, fight for it.

Stay calm. Stay powerful. Control your destiny. Fight for your right. What belongs to you is yours. Remember, this is a sacred fight of yours.

Stay alone amid the crowd. When you’re alone, you are powerful. Whether you are in a crowd, or you are surrounded in any difficult situation, wear a smile. Stay grace full. Stay alone.

Yes, this is not easy. To reach this stage, to acquire this power- Meditate. There are many techniques of meditation. Pic any meditation technique and meditate. Meditation is powerful.  

Use this power of yours and, fight for your rights. Your misfortune has to go. This fight of yours against tyranny of misfortune is your prayer.

This is the stage of enlightenment. Everything will continue happening in your life same way, like it had been happening to you, in your life earlier, before your enlightening state.

Now, mundane stress, difficulties does not bother you. Your misfortune is over. You are victorious. Your fight for getting your desired result is over. After being inflicted so many wounds, now you got a reason to smile.

The smile is beautiful. The smile is powerful.  Under any circumstance Smile. You will realize the difference in your life. The difference is- Now, you are not affected. Compulsion of ‘has to’ or ‘have to’ has gone. No compulsions just, live your life fearlessly.  

Stay calm. Stay powerful. Control your destiny. Fight for your right. What belongs to you is yours. Remember, this is a sacred fight of yours.

If yet, nothing happens. Do not blame your destiny. Do not blame your fate. Believe in You. Try This-

  • Take a bath
  • Close the room
  • Stay alone
  • Stay Nude

When, nothing is covered. When, all inhibitions are gone. When, you have drooped all accumulated, learnt knowledge of yours. When, you are nude.

When, you are alone. When, you are one like a circle, no beginning, no end. In that sacred oneness yell within-

“If, my destiny is disrobing me if, my luck is not favoring you me if, God is not listening me and if the destiny has put me in this great misery, where

there is no hope left, there is no chance left. Listen all of you, you belong to me. I do not belong to you. And thus, being your master I announce, nothing can stop me- I shall win”.

Do this and become a witness- Miracle Happening. 

Now to stay young eternally you do not have to meet God. Because just now you have realized- God in you



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